Team Synergy: A one to six hour event gives you a fun, hands-on experience of what can be accomplished using our communication tools. Through an engaging session of aligning intentions through words and action, you experience firsthand how unlimited and creative your collaborative efforts can be.

“I was amazed how much we got accomplished in a mere four hours, and how much depth of analysis there was. I am sure that we will be an even better team in the future, unstoppable on our road to success.”  Uwe Doerken, former CEO, DHL Global

Team Leadership:  In this two day residential training, your team gains the skills and relationships needed to become highly resourceful and productive. In the course of this program, they develop a dynamic understanding and appreciation of each other’s strengths and abilities. They fine tune the skills of clear and direct communication. And they achieve new levels of success in working together in a diverse variety of challenges and settings.

We use an active, hands-on learning format that people describe as fun, dynamic and engaging. Through a progressive series of initiatives and skill building exercises, teams are challenged to work together with limited resources. Our activities are set up within the context of your business environment, acutely mirroring your current issues and concerns. Click here to continue…

The Island Leadership Initiative: A Caribbean Adventure

Island adventures during the day, 1st class accommodations at night. Whether a fun respite from a busy quarter, an incentive program, or the opportunity to dive deep into strategic issues, our Island Leadership Initiative provides your company with a full palate of experiences.

Swimming with dolphins and sharks, fishing the deep blue where Hemingway made history, stalking the elusive bonefish where Martin Luther King wrote his Nobel acceptance speech, or just soaking in the rejuvenating waters of the ‘Healing Hole’, on our Island Leadership Initiative, each day is filled to the brim with adventure and discovery. We’ve had executive teams from east to west tell us that this was the adventure of their career!

“The senior executives agree that this was the best, most exciting annual retreat we’ve ever done.“ Lou Kaucic, EVP, Applebees

Executive Excellence: Designed specifically for executive teams and the challenges they face. We explore the most transformational distinctions of Leadership, setting the values, vision and pace for the rest of the company. Including a series of 6 days of offsite sessions in six months, your executive team gets the training and support they need to transform their organization.

“The programs for my vice presidents were overwhelmingly met with high accolades. Many indicated these were the best training classes they’ve ever attended.”
Timothy Hagerty, SVP,
State Street Bank

Collaborative Partnerships: Whether you’re merging a new acquisition, integrating regions or seeking to develop a strategic alliance with a client /vendor, this program helps two cultures quickly co-create a solid common ground from which to go forward. A 2 day retreat.

“Thank you for the valuable, productive and fun program. It was just the break we needed after a year of trying to combine two separate banking organizations into one.”
Candace Fitzek, Executive Director,

Custom Programs: Whether it’s a new mission, developing a strategic plan or tackling a specific problem, we’ll design and facilitate a program to get you the results you seek.

“Your program created a new sense of excitement….I was thrilled that you helped us form a very specific action plan to further improve results. Thank you for leading such a productive program.”
Don Torey, CFO
GE Capitol