Fleetwoods on Front Street

To Whom It May Concern,
We recently had the distinct pleasure of spending the morning with Joe Noonan who shared with us key elements to team building. In a fast paced and sometime chaotic restaurant environment, it is difficult to take a step back, look around and rediscover what makes our team so successful. Having the opportunity to see my staff work together, laugh, contribute and share an experience that they might not otherwise have was a breath of fresh air. 
As the General Manager of a highly successful restaurant, accuracy, consistency and superior customer service are qualities that I look for not only in great employees but also in business relationships.  There is something truly special about the individuals who display all of these qualities. Then there are those who take things a bit further. I’d like to think this is something I have in the dynamic group of individuals that make up my team here at Fleetwood’s On Front St. Motivational experiences, such as the one Joe shared with us, has reminded each of us how interdependent we are upon each other and how extremely valuable each member of our team is.
I sincerely recommend Joe’s expertise to any business looking to spend a few hours with their staff, connecting and building a better understanding and appreciation not only of the company they work for but the employees who make a world of difference in their industry.
Eric Waddell,
General Manager
Lahaina, Hawaii

I delivered a half day training for approximately one hundred of Eric’s staff. Most of our training took place under one of Hawaii’s most well-known landmarks; the Banyan Tree in the middle of Lahaina Square. Eric wanted to both appreciate his team for their hard work and challenge them to excel further. I put them in small groups, each one a mix from both the front and the back of the house, effectively putting people who didn’t regularly work together, and challenged them do deliver over-the-top outcomes. They had a blast and Eric was delighted with the results.