My Client’s Testimonials

“Joe is a corporate shaman. He brings great enthusiasm and a deep, spiritual perspective to his work. He can really bring together a group of disparate people and fuse them into an effective team.”  John Bomhoff, CFO, Guggenheim Museum

“I recently used Joe for an executive retreat with my management team. This is a team of senior executives that are running complex, multi-billion dollar businesses and as a rule are not easy to please. Joe’s exercises were well received and helped ensure that my management group left this retreat a more cohesive and motivated team.”  Arthur Higgins, Chairman, Bayer HealthCare (see letter)

“Joe consistently provides our principals with an outstanding leadership experience.”  Roland Barth, Founder, Harvard University’s Principal Center

“Your program created a new sense of excitement…. I was thrilled that you helped us form a very specific action plan to further improve results. Thank you for leading such a productive program.”  Don Torey, CFO, GE Capitol  (see letter)

“My team has been on fire since our training!” Eric Waddell, GM, ‘Fleetwood’s on Front Street‘, Maui, Hawaii (see letter)

“The session on Tuesday afternoon was unbelievable. I didn’t expect that we’d surface and discuss so many of the issues that we’ve struggled with for the past year.”  Steve Hooley, SVP, State Street (see letter)

“Joe’s ability to accurately assess the needs of the group and stay attuned to individual sensitivities, combined with his results oriented approach, made his initiatives memorable and effective. Our second initiative, and by far the more challenging, involved our Senior Executive group. A significant increase in trust and collaboration will no doubt be one of the lasting legacies from these sessions.”  Lou Kaucic, SVP, DAKA Intl.

“We finished a multi-million dollar project ahead of schedule, setting a new record within GE”  John Beirne, Project Manager, General Electric

“Wow! Joe’s workshop exceeded my expectations as well as the expectations of my team. He creates an environment of safety, fun and learning unlike anyone we’ve worked with. I see a distinct difference in my ability to see and communicate with my team. And my staff are communicating with each other more effectively and are more empowered and productive.”  Allison Watts, DDS (see letter)

“Joe supported us in evolving our weekly team meetings… We also had fun creating a mission statement together, bringing more awareness to what exactly it is we are wanting from our lives here and now” Amlas Mcleod, Owner/Director, WildQuest (see letter)

“Even though we are one of the most ethically, nationally and economically diverse groups that you would ever hope to train, you have found the common ground in our group and moved all of us to the next level of cooperation and teamwork. Our managers have already remarked on the positive change in efficacy and improvement.” Mark Brown, VP, MariTech Services (see letter)