bio photo teambuilding websiteJoe Noonan brings his dynamic style of leadership training to a wide variety of organizations for over 25 years. He has a reputation as a master speaker and facilitator who assists clients in generating more than they ever dreamed possible. Well over 90% of participants rate his programs as the best they’ve ever taken.

In addition to leading company-wide training initiatives, Joe facilitates collaborations between clients and vendors, corporate and franchisees, management and labor. He’s helped numerous mergers and acquisitions move quickly and creatively into a new company culture. And he facilitates a very unique style of individual coaching with executives and CEOs, assisting them in transforming their personal and professional lives.

He often uses adventure as a platform for change, and he’s taken his more adventuresome clients sailing, hiking, kayaking – even swimming with wild dolphins and sharks.

Joe lives in Hawaii and the Bahamas where he spends much of his time pursuing his passion for freediving, spearfishing and swimming with wild dolphins and whales. He is an active advocate for the oceans and leads retreats swimming with wild dolphins in the Caribbean and Hawaii. He’s also known as Joebaby for his spontaneous love of life.

Clients describe Joe as upbeat, authentic and fun. He’s been called a ‘corporate shaman’ for the speed with which he helps teams and companies transform. He is a dynamic individual who brings great joy and passion to his work.

Joe on retreat with some of the advisory board of 7SKY magazine