“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes”  William James

Communication: Our language is a soup of cultural conditioning rife with ‘nots’. I use several models of communication and feedback that allow people to clearly hear each other. Greater trust, breakthroughs in understanding and increased collaboration are the inevitable natural result.

Acknowledgement: Every group/team/company has its own habits, qualities and culture; most of which is unconscious. We help teams become self aware, and give you first hand experience of the power of clear and direct appreciation. Relaxation, spontaneity, creativity and joy are some of the benefits.

Body Talk/Limbic Awareness: We think we’re so smart, yet we kid ourselves all the time, at great expense to results and relationships. Despite what we think we know, our bodies always tell the truth. Our limbic system is in rapport with everybody and everything. We bring you and your team into greater awareness of your own ‘gut’ knowing so you lead with greater clarity, inspiration and insight.

Synergy: There is always a higher level of outcomes available. Through aligning our limbic systems with group intent and action, a greater field of resonance manifests. The higher the resonance, the greater the outcomes.

Coaching: One on one dialog via phone or video allows us to explore your current paradigm of communication and leadership, and to investigate specific concepts and distinctions that most serve your goals.