Team Leadership Training

Team Leadership:  In this two day residential training, your team gains the skills and relationships needed to become highly resourceful and productive. In the course of this program, they develop a dynamic understanding and appreciation of each other’s strengths and abilities. They fine tune the skills of clear and direct communication. And they achieve new levels of success in working together in a diverse variety of challenges and settings.

We use an active, hands-on learning format that people describe as fun, dynamic and engaging. Through a progressive series of initiatives and skill building exercises, teams are challenged to work together with limited resources. Our activities are set up within the context of your business environment, acutely mirroring your current issues and concerns.

Each exercise concludes with a debrief of their performance; identifying what worked and what didn’t, and how it applies to situations you currently face. Each debrief ends with a list of specific strategies and solutions to take back to work. This is the gold mine – where the group’s collective wisdom and insight is brought forth. The quality of these solutions will literally amaze you!

In the afternoon of day two, the team sits down to develop their own operating principles; guidelines that allow them to manage themselves, stay on task and resolve problems quickly. Because these principles are generated from their own experience, there’s a high degree of ownership of them. Transferred back to the workplace, these guidelines are another conduit for the skills, information and experience learned.

Teams return excited and eager to put their new skills into action. They have powerful working relationships to draw on for ongoing support and information.  And they have the practical, hands-on experience in being more effective leaders within their own teams and organizations.

WHO: Executive teams, management teams and project teams. Any group working together for a common purpose. This training is for teams seeking to be more effective, collaborative, creative and productive.

COST: Our standard fee for this program is $6k to $10k, depending on the level of assessment and follow up you desire. Travel expenses, lodging and facility fees not included.

RESULTS: Your team will return renewed and reinvigorated, quick to bring new solutions to old problems. They will be more creative and productive, managing their resources more collaboratively and effectively. And they will be more self facilitating, managing their team’s focus and process through to the completion of their goals.